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Friday Night Soundbath

ISHTA Yoga / Friday Night Soundbath

Friday Night Soundbath

Intention + Vibration = Transformation

Intention + Vibration = Transformation <> Intentionally bathing in vibration, aka taking a “Soundbath,” is a tremendously meditative experience.

Guided by a layered soundscape of vocal harmonies, indigenous instruments, and shamanic rhythms, you will embark on an odyssey through consciousness that will balance your mind and body. Aya and Tyler intentionally craft music to harmonize your cellular structure and gently guide your brainwaves to a state of consciousness normally only experienced during dreaming sleep.

When we all tune into the same music, dance to the same pulse,
sing the same vibration, something magical happens.

We become one.

Bio: Aya and Tyler fuse elements of jazz, R&B, soul, and electronica in a multilayered soundscape for meditation, yoga asana, and ecstatic dance. Aya has collaborated with Blue Six, Sade, and Lenny Kravitz. Tyler is co- founder of Didge Project and has performed at Wanderlust Festivals. Aya and Tyler released their album “Oshuns of Love” in 2015 which was recorded in collaboration with Elena Brower, Kevin Courtney, Tara Glazier and Eric Stoneberg. www.AyaandTyler.com