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International Training Programs

ISHTA Across the Globe

In addition to our 200-Hour and 300-Hour  teacher training programs in New York City, ISHTA Yoga has grown into a global network of schools. If you’re looking for a training that’s a little closer to home, or you’re yearning to adventure to a new city, we’ve got a training for you.

300-Hour TT

For our European Clients we have a 300-hour Modular Teacher Training running in Berlin under ISHTA Yogiraj Julie Blumenthal. The training is a hybrid. Virtual sessions will be offered along with New York’s 300-hour Modular Teacher Training with lectures taught by Alan Finger, Mona Anand, Peter Ferko, Sarah Finger, Kelly Eudailey, Douglass Steward and Wendy Newton, as well as speciality trainers. Details for the 300-hour Modular Teacher Training in Germany:
June 1-4     Philosophy & the Subtle Body Part 01 – virtual
During summer     Art of Touch Part 01 and Part 02 – in studio
Sept 7-10 + 16-17     Physical Body Part 01 – hybrid (virtual + 2 days in studio)
Oct 19-22     Philosophy & the Subtle Body Part 02 – virtual
Nov 16-19 + 25-26     Physical Body Part 02 – hybrid (virtual + 2 days in studio)
Please either contact our International ISHTA TT Coordinator or reach out directly to Julie at for the training held in Berlin.