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Ulrica Norberg

Yogiraj · Senior Trainer · Specialty Trainer Scandinavia - Yogiraj & Primary Trainer Specialties: Yin, Therapeutics...


Douglass Stewart

Yogiraj Douglass Stewar has been practicing yoga for nearly half his life. He’s been teaching for over 10 years and continues to be inspired by the art and science of yoga. Douglass is the co-founder of Yoga in Times Square, celebrating the Summer Solstice by uniting the community of yoga enthusiasts across the country. He has received the Community Center Service Award for volunteering his yoga classes at the Lesbian and Gay Community Center for 9 years. He is inspired by the notion that if peace is our goal, then it is also the means to it. Douglass is an ISHTA Yoga senior teacher....


Wendy Newton

Yogiraj · Senior Trainer · Specialty Trainer Wendy Newton is a senior teacher at ISHTA Yoga and a lead trainer in the ISHTA teacher training program. She has studied with Kavi Yogiraj Alan Finger since 2002, and was initiated by Alan into the ISHTA Yoga lineage as Yogiraj, or yoga master. Wendy’s private practice combines Polarity and ISHTA Marma energy work, yoga-based counseling, and ISHTA yoga asana, pranyama, and kriya techniques. Wendy is co-authoring a tantric interpretation of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with Alan, and she conducts workshops and lectures on this and other yoga and polarity-related topics. Her group yoga classes combine subtle body awareness, physical alignment, and breath-based movement to help inspire students to move with grace, no matter what their “condition,” and...


Peter Ferko

Yogiraj · Senior Trainer · Specialty Trainer Peter Ferko began practicing yoga more than 20 years ago at Alan Finger’s YogaWorks in Los Angeles. He studied there with Rod Stryker and Patricia Townsend. He studied meditation with Yogananda’s Self Realization Fellowship where he learned Kriya Yoga techniques. He sampled Iyengar and Ashtanga styles before landing back with Alan upon moving to New York in 1999. After decades of practice, he obtained the Yoga Alliance 500-Hour teaching certification from Be Yoga’s training program and now teaches both students and teacher trainees. Peter’s approach to yoga involves tuning out the voices that tell us what we can’t do physically and why we’re not “there yet” and tuning in to the inner yoga. We are perfect yogis as we...