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Sadia Bruce

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Sadia Bruce

“Sadia came to yoga in 2001 as a college student seeking relief from clinical depression. Today she is an insightful, sensitive guide whose breath-based teaching encourages pleasurable practice that nourishes rather than depletes– inspiring new openings rather than the deepening of old patterns. Praised by new and seasoned students alike for her intentional, playful instruction, she endeavors to cultivate energized, radically inclusive learning environments where curiosity is king. She views yoga as a practical tool to attune to our aliveness– to experience an intimacy with our breathing bodies that reveals nothing other than our clear and present perfection.

In addition to leading studio classes and teaching privately in New York, Sadia is committed to bringing yoga and yoga-based practices to non-traditional environments and underserved populations including senior centers, schools, public spaces, nonprofit workplaces and women’s shelters. She is currently affiliated with Phipps Houses, Shape Up NYC, The Spence School, and Success Academy Charter Schools.”