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Cuba: 200hr ISHTA TT

The first Beyond OM Ishta 200 hour destination training… in Cuba at Mhai Yoga! It is sure to be a transforming and unique experience! Mhai Yoga is an extremely special place, and April could not be more thrilled to be able to bring you this opportunity. Whether you want to teach or deepen your practice, this is going to be an amazing format that will offer more than just the (185) Yoga Alliance contact hours....

Sarah Finger Discusses the Origin and Twofold Meaning of ISHTA

Yogiraj Sarah Finger will join Yogiraj Master Teachers Mona Anand, Ulrica Norberg, and Katrina Repka, and other ISHTA Senior Teachers to lead the upcoming 200-hour ISHTA Teacher Training at Hi Yoga in Oslo. One of the greatest gifts of teaching yoga is being able to share the teachings with others in a Training format. At ISHTA, our Teacher Training program is about so much more than just learning how to teach Yoga: it is about understanding how to integrate the practice into your living. I have been lucky enough to witness the growth and connection of many different Training groups over the years. Even though each person is unique, the shared experience is commonly one of evolution and self-discovery. ISHTA has a twofold meaning. One is an...