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ISHTA Meditation Training: Now with a Focus on Mudra, Bandha and Kriya

Kavi Yogiraj Alan Finger, a master of Tantra and Kriya meditation, together with two of his senior teachers, Yogirajs Sarah Finger and Peter Ferko, have created a profound, yet accessible, program for all levels of student. Based on techniques handed down from teacher to student, these rich and proven practices will deepen your yoga and prepare you to teach meditation, if that is your goal....

Life Cycles with Alan Finger

Everything in life happens in cycles: nature, seasons, relationships, emotions, and even sensations. There is always a beginning, a middle, and an end. In yoga, these cycles are represented through the granthis, which are the Energetic knots or spirals of energy, that keep us bound to this plane of existence. We can experience these cycles of energy through the vibration of the sound "AUM."  The first sound of "AUM" is the "Ah" sound, which represents creation. This is usually the first sound that a baby utters and the first letter of the alphabet. When we chant the sound "AUM" we can feel the "Ah" sound resonate at the base of the spine. It represents our unconscious and the energy of Brahma, the creator. The second sound of...


Yogiraj Peter Ferko on Meditation

Peter Ferko will lead the upcoming ISHTA Meditation Training | June 8-10 along with Alan and Sarah Finger. Below he unpacks how a regular meditation practice helps to move away from limited belief patterns - toward experiencing things as they truly are.     In today’s world, we are programmed to respect the importance of what yogis call manas, the sensory mind. Our programming into the dominance of manas happens in our culture via school, and later, via marketing, where businesses teach you to look outside yourself, to their products, for your answers. But the fact is, we would be best off getting in touch with our inner self, the source of inspiration and unbound intelligence — what we think of as “genius." Unfortunately, acting and reacting primarily...