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ISHTA Meditation Training

Kavi Yogiraj Alan Finger, a master of Tantra and Kriya meditation, together with two of his senior teachers, Yogirajs Sarah Finger and Peter Ferko, have created a profound, yet accessible, program for all levels of student. Based on techniques handed down from teacher to student, these rich and proven practices will deepen your yoga and prepare you to teach meditation, if that is your goal....

Sweat, Samadhi, and the Yoga Sutras with Alan and Sarah Finger

Samadhi is the state of yoga, and it is the first pada, or pillar of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. This matrix of pure consciousness is our true nature and our birthright, but it gets clouded by our thoughts and attachments. In this workshop, Alan and Sarah will draw inspiration from Alan's most recent book: Tantra of the Sutras, to illuminate and integrate the teachings of the sage Patanjali. ...

ISHTA Hawaii with Alan & Sarah Finger

Join Yoga Masters Alan and Sarah Finger in the beautiful North Shore of Oahu for a week of Yoga, Meditation, and self-reflection. Located in the idyllic North Coast of Hawaii at the renowned Turtle Bay Resort, this retreat will not only offer you 4daily sessions with Alan and Sarah to replenish your mind and body, but a breathtaking view of the shoreline and an authentic Hawaiian experience to nourish your soul. Whether you are new to yoga or have been teaching for years, this retreat will be a spiritual and energetic sanctuary....