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Prenatal Yoga at ISHTA

We are celebrating the moms-to-be at ISHTA this month! Their enthusiasm and consistency at their yoga practice is joyously witnessed by our prenatal instructor team Gina Menza, Esther Palmer and Tisha Ford each week. We sat down recently to chat about the wonder and respect they experience. Upcoming Prenatal Workshops and Trainings:  Prenatal Workshop Series Part 1, Creating a Prenatal Home Practice with Gina Menza July 12 6:30-8:30pm 85-hour Prenatal Teacher Training   with Gina Menza August 13-25 | Yoga Alliance Registered | Learn More How is a prenatal class different than a general population class? In ISHTA prenatal classes, we honor the journey of each woman. This is reflected by a conscious intention to foster community amongst our prenatal students, to craft safe asana sequences for women in every stage in their pregnancy, and...