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Operation Fierce Kindness: Community kindness Ignition with Melanie Salvatore-August and Sarah Finger

Join beloved teacher Sarah Finger and Melanie Salvatore-August, author of the newly released Fierce Kindness; Be a Positive Force for Change(Yellow Pear Press 2017) for an exploration of soul’s calling and global purpose, clear what is in between you and your best life while igniting joyful courage to be the change you wish to see in the world. The proceeds from this event will benefit the Exhale to Inhale organization....

Plant the Seeds, Trust the Process (and tomatoes)

by Melanie Salvatore-August author of Fierce Kindness: Be a Positive Force for Change (Yellow Pear Press 2017) Every mother’s day for the last 5 years I have planted 3-5 tomato plants anticipating the summer growing season.  It is a dream fulfilled and continuing that I have the ability to grow some of my own food and live on a budding homestead in Northern California.  Some years I stop at a local nursery the week before to buy seedlings and other years after the obligatory Mother’s Day brunch or rowdy kid filled stop at Starbucks to get my mom-latte, I stop to pick some up. This year, nothing.  Too busy.  I hadn’t made the time and ahem, no one else thought to buy them for me.  No brunch or...

Yoga, Resilience, and Trauma Recovery Workshop with Lisa Danylchuk

In this workshop, we will explore resilience in the face of traumatic experiences, and resources to connect yogis and trauma survivors to healing aspects of the yoga practice. Informed by trauma theory and the chakra system, this approach brings a strength-based, titrated approach to healing that is built upon the concepts of ahimsa, nonviolence, and the professional commitment to do no harm....