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Restorative / Yoga Nidra Workshop to Balance Vishuddha Chakra with Mona Anand – Wait List Only

Register This workshop is full - wait list only. Mona's  Restorative / Yoga Nidra Practice to Balance Sahasrara Chakra Workshop on Friday, 2:30 - 5:00 pm is now open to everyone! Limited spots available. Please email Rumika at Rumika@ishtayoga.com for details or to sign up.   Restorative / Yoga Nidra Workshop to Balance Vishuddha Chakra Accompanied by Megan Young on Sound bowls Date: Thursday, September 19th | 6:30–9:00pm A practice designed to facilitate communication between the mind and the body and ourselves and others. Vishuddha Chakra (the throat chakra) is our communication center. It governs the way we communicate our internal reality to the external world and is also the gateway between our minds and bodies. When this energy center is tamasic or underactive we have a hard time expressing ourselves, our voice is often restricted and we...

Spotlight on an ISHTA Senior Teacher: Cindy Moss Terracina

Where did you grow up? I was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. I lived there until I was 7 and then we moved into Manhattan. I spent the rest of my early childhood, teenage years, as well as my, early adult years on Manhattan's east side. In my late 30's I moved to Rome, Italy where my husband is from. I moved back to N.Y. shortly before 9/11 with my family. I continue to go back and forth and consider Rome and NYC my two homes.   When did you take your first yoga class? What was your introduction to Yoga? I actually, started my practice of Yoga in Rome, Italy with an expat in 1998 when I became pregnant with, my now, 20-year old daughter.  I had been a runner,...

MetaAnatomy of the Hip with Kristin Leal

In this workshop, of course, we will dive into muscle, organ and bone but we equally acknowledge this “core” of the body houses the experience of emotional processing and release. How we breathe, how we move, how we digest are inextricably woven together in the tapestry of who we are and who we wish to become....