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MetaAnatomy 5 CORE with Kristin Leal

Are you a fellow anatomy geek who wants to talk about the glorious gracilis in all of its beautiful details? Are you wondering if you (or your students) have the skeleton that will ever allow full lotus pose? Does the digestive system send you into an excited tizzy? Do you want to learn how to create an anatomically meaningful and safe class while inspiring people to connect to their own energetic bodies? Then this is the investment you have been looking for!...

Q&A with Kristin Leal – Insanely Beautiful Human Anatomy

Kristin Leal is the creator of the Kaya Yoga and MetaAnatomy™ 100-, 200- and 300-hour teacher training. She is the author of “The Yoga Fan” (2003) and “MetaAnatomy, Anatomy of a Yogi” (2014), which was called “smart and sassy” by Elena Brower and “a luscious resource” by Rod Stryker. Kristin will lead her MetaAnatomy 5 CORE training at ISHTA Yoga October  9th - 13th.  What interests you about anatomy? I think there is something so awe-inspiring and insanely beautiful about studying the human body. There is stunning dance of both vulnerability and strength that I am endlessly fascinated by. Why is it important for yoga teachers to have a solid understanding of anatomy? Well, I think it's important for every human to have a solid understanding of anatomy! This is the...