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Mona Anand’s ISHTA Yoga Nidra Teacher Training in London

Mona Anand’s ISHTA Yoga Nidra Teacher Training This is an amazing training with Mona Anand, she has been revolutionary in the field of Yoga Nidra. I hope you have had a chance to take her class or a workshop she has offered. *This course is a pre-requisite for Yoga Nidra and the Chakras. This training, designed for teachers and students, delves deeper into yoga nidra. Yoga nidra can be used for many purposes, which include deep relaxation, to release what lies in the sub conscious and unconscious and to experience an expanded state of consciousness. In this training we will: Study the science behind yoga nidra and look more deeply into the nine steps of yoga nidra developed by Mona and Alan. Participants will experience, design, discuss and...

Anand Menza Restorative Teacher Training

This 20 Hour training is for teachers, teacher trainees, and students interested in delving deeper into restorative yoga. Participants will learn how to teach restorative yoga and develop their own home practice. Participants will experience a class taught by Gina and a class taught by Mona and will also get the opportunity during the training to give and receive a private and get feedback from both of them....

Why I love Restorative by Mona Anand

Anand Menza Restorative Teacher Training | January 22 - 24, 2020 The impact restorative yoga has had in releasing stress and tension for me is very personal. About fourteen years ago I had a bout of serious asthma attacks that were life changing. I was continually in and out of the hospital and put on high levels of cortisone for an extended period that created extreme anxiety and panic attacks. I started practicing restorative yoga, which was an integral part of my recovery. Restorative calmed my nervous system, relaxed my body and released tension from my breath. The effects of this practice released the fear of future attacks. No amount of trying to talk myself out of the situation helped because my whole system was stuck in a heightened...