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Anand Menza Restorative Teacher Training

This 20 Hour training is for teachers, teacher trainees, and students interested in delving deeper into restorative yoga. Participants will learn how to teach restorative yoga and develop their own home practice. Participants will experience a class taught by Gina and a class taught by Mona and will also get the opportunity during the training to give and receive a private and get feedback from both of them....

Gothenburg: Mona Anand’s ISHTA Yoga Nidra Mini Training

This workshop is a mini version of Mona's twenty hour Yoga Nidra certification. It is designed for teachers and students interested in delving deeper into this profound practice. You will learn how to design and teach basic Yoga Nidra practices for yourself or your students. It can also be used as a prerequisite for my Yoga Nidra and The Chakras Training....

Chakra Urban Retreat with Alan, Sarah, and Mona

In this five-day urban retreat, you will learn about the chakras from an intimate perspective under the guidance of three Yoga Masters. We will explore the chakras through a microscopic lens, experiencing them through daily Master classes including in-depth asana, luxurious restorative and yin, yoga nidra, mantra, visualization, and meditation....