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Restorative / Yoga Nidra and Pranayama with Mona Anand

In this workshop we will balance these vayus using a pranayama technique developed by Mona and Alan called  ISHTA Vayu Shodana. We will also incorporate  various other pranayama techniques  and visualizations  into the asana,  restorative  and yoga nidra practice.  When  our prana is balanced we are able to  connect back to spirt and  we feel energized and inspired in our day to day living...

Foundations in ISHTA Pranayama Techniques with Wendy Newton

Pranayama means “to extend and direct the life force energy.” Pranayama calms the nervous system, stretches the breath, and focuses the mind. The balancing effect of pranayama techniques can either calm an anxious state or energize a lethargic state, depending on an individual’s condition. In this workshop, Yogiraj Wendy Newton will share some of the basic Pranayama techniques from the ISHTA 200-hour Teacher Training which can serve to enhance your living and support a daily meditation practice. Come expecting to learn more about the techniques shared every day in ISHTA classes. This workshop is open to beginners and people of all levels....

A Special Meditation with Alan Finger

In this workshop, Alan Finger will explain how to use these tools to purify ones consciousness, re-establishing a connection to a state of unbound intelligence, bliss, and wisdom. The program will include gentle, pre-meditative, asana "physical postures", kriya yoga "visualizations", pranayama "breathing exercises", and meditation techniques. These classes will leave you feeling centered and more in tune with your true self....