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Chakra Urban Retreat with Alan, Sarah, and Mona

In this five-day urban retreat, you will learn about the chakras from an intimate perspective under the guidance of three Yoga Masters. We will explore the chakras through a microscopic lens, experiencing them through daily Master classes including in-depth asana, luxurious restorative and yin, yoga nidra, mantra, visualization, and meditation....

Balancing The Chakras Through Yoga

In this workshop, we will explore how the different chakras manifest and can come into balance through our yoga practice. Sarah will help you to create physical harmony through asanas, while Alan will share the tools of kriya and meditation to create inner and outer resonance. Find balance within yourself and with the universe, bringing clarity, wisdom, and universal intelligence into each moment of your life....

Sankalpa with Alan and Sarah

In this workshop, Sarah will lead you through an asana practice integrating the kriya techniques used to open the passage to the unconscious, which governs us. Alan will lead you through a series of ancient Tantric techniques to form your sankalpa and plant it into the unconscious realm so that you can know your own truth and manifest it into our living....