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Open Center: ISHTA Meditation Training

ISHTA Meditation training provides students with a direct link to an ancient lineage of meditation. ISHTA Yoga, created by Yogirajs Alan Finger and Sarah Finger, blends the ancient and contemporary sciences of Hatha, Tantra, and Ayurveda, and uses flow, breathwork, and visualization. Together the Fingers have created a profound and accessible meditation training offering rich and proven practices to deepen your yoga and prepare you to teach meditation, if that is your goal....

Chakras 101: Aligning With the Inner and Outer Universe – Sarah Finger

Sarah and Alan Finger’s new online course, Chakras 101: A course to Add Years to your Life and Life to your Years, launches January 29th, but if you sign up by January 19th and use the code SFINGER100 you’ll get $100 off the regular price. Click here to register The chakras are vortices of energy that run along our spine, and can actually be identified as the headquarters of each element that exists in our bodies: earth, water, fire, air, and space. You may have heard the chakras being referenced in a yoga class or in social media but not have a full understanding of what they are. In our upcoming course, Chakras 101 in partnership with Yoga Journal, Alan Finger and I hope to demystify these whirling...

Sound & Samadhi: Gratitude & Abundance with Sarah, Aya + Tyler

Designed by Yogiraj Sarah Platt-Finger, and accompanied by the soul-enhancing music of Aya + Tyler, this luxurious practice begins with an intelligent asana flow to help burn out the impurities trapped in the physical body. A series of relaxing restorative postures follow in order to calm the nervous system, sealed by a transformative meditation to merge back to universal consciousness Experience outer and inner resonance as a means to lead you back to your source of pure potential - Samadhi - which is the true state of yoga....