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Yin Yoga & Tibetan Sound Healing with Phoebe Joel

Clear your mind and melt away all stress and tension during this magical Yin Yoga and Tibetan Sound Healing experience. An accessible series of Yin Yoga poses will be synchronised to the serene sounds and deep vibrations of Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls. This combination will promote a state of supreme stillness and you will emerge renewed and revitalized....

Yin Yoga for Graceful Living with Evelyn Abruzzo

Kickstart the graceful living process by joining me at my Yin for Graceful Living workshop on December 3rd from 1:30-3:30. Through a full body Yin practice we will work toward restoring range of movement, let go of stored tension that builds up within the Chakras, and develop our mind to become our ally rather than a battle ground. In short, we will tap into and unleash blocked energy within. The result will be a lighter step and a feeling of spaciousness and clarity in body and mind....

Insight Yoga Training Level II with Sarah Powers

Mindfulness and Inner Practices in Yin Yoga A 5-day 30-hour Yoga Alliance registered intensive with Sarah Powers. For Yin Yoga Teachers and Dedicated Practitioners already practicing or teaching Yin Yoga. Register Here Prerequisite: We consider this a Level II training. We require that you have taken Level I – Insight Yoga Teacher Training Intensive Yin/Yang Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation training or another meridian based yin yoga training (approved by Sarah) and have started a basic Mindfulness practice prior to attending this one. Sarah will not be covering all the details about meridians in yin yoga during this training, and will focus on more specifics of Mindfulness practice. For details about the Level I Insight Yoga Teacher Training Intensive offerings, please see: Schedule 2017 This course is for Yin teachers or practitioners who want...