ISHTA Yoga / Wellness

Reiki-Raindrop Treatment with Aino Siren

This unique technique combines the traditional Raindrop Technique with deeply healing Reiki. Raindrop combines the art of aromatherapy with the techniques of Vita Flex and bodywork in the application of essential oils...


Marma Therapy with Elissa Lewis

ISHTA’s signature Marma Therapy is drawn from a traditional Ayurvedic bodywork which clears stress from the muscles, soft tissues, fascia, and vital points of the body. Marma Therapy opens up strangled Marma...

Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils Therapeutic grade essential oils offer natural safe solutions to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. They are easy to use, have fast-acting results and have a long historic tradition...


Raindrop Technique®

Raindrop Technique® is a tool you can use to reduce stress and tension, manage pain, strengthen the immune system, detox the body, and bring harmony to the heart and mind. Allow yourself...


Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage and Marma Therapy with Mark Waterman A licensed massage therapist for over 20 years, Mark has worked for the US Tennis Association, massaging players at the US Open, and in several...


Marma Abhyanga with Elissa Lewis

Alan designed this treatment by blending abhyanga with the marma points and lines of energy that map one's body.  Using specific warmed oils according to your dosha, this healing treatment restores and replenishes the...


Ayurvedic Offerings

With Kristen Rae Stevens Ayurvedic Practitioner and Yoga Specialist E-RYT 500, AyP The Sanskrit word Ayurveda stems from two roots: ayus which means life or life cycle and vid which means knowledge. So Ayurveda...