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Midsummer ISHTA Yoga Retreat in Finland with Aino Siren and Mikaela Soldan

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13 Jun

Midsummer ISHTA Yoga Retreat in Finland with Aino Siren and Mikaela Soldan

June 13 - June 20

Aino Siren and Mikaela Soldan invite you to embark on a magical midsummer Yoga Retreat to the island of Kadermo, to experience the exceptional nature of Finland during this auspicious time of light. You will dive in to the heart of Finnish culture by embracing the simplicity of the traditional Finnish summerhouse life by the water. All whilst deepening your connection with your Self, others and nature, with the help of yoga, of course.

The students are mainly lodged in a two-storey summer house on a rock overlooking the sea. It is built in an old fashioned traditional villa style that was common in the twenties. The summer house area has seven double bedrooms for guests. There is also additional lodging space in the winter house close to the yoga building.

Sample daily schedule:

  • 8-10am Yoga & Meditation
  • 10am Gourmet Brunch
  • 4:30-5:45pm Yin & Yoga Nidra
  • 6pm Dinner

​Each day involves an enlivening and energizing morning yoga & meditation session, and an afternoon yin & yoga nidra practice. This week is all about silencing your busy mind and you are free to explore what the island has to offer; swimming, canoeing and long forest walks. The theme of this week islight. In yoga we want to direct light of consciousness in to the patterns in our unconscious. With that light we can illuminate these samskaras, that cause confusion and discontentment.

Finland, due to its northern location, experiences an abundance of light during this magical time of midsummer. The sun barely dips below the horizon. This is a very unique and powerful time to recharge and invoke transformation.

For Finns Summer Solstice, called Juhannus, is their favorite holiday and the highlight of the summer. All Finns retreat to their summer houses by the lakes or in the archipelago and the urban areas quiet down completely. Summer solstice is the longest day of the year, and in Finland we celebrate it by having a big bonfire, going in the sauna and dipping in the lake or sea.

Juhannus has been celebrated in Finland for hundreds of years and draws from the ancient mythology. Even though the sun sets at around 11pm and rises at about 3:30am, the actual time that it is light out is much longer. During these days leading into midsummer day it barely gets dark. This year Juhannus is on Saturday June 23rd, but on the retreat we will have our own traditional experience of it.

*Visit Helsinki

Because many of you have asked we are adding an optional extension in HELSINKI for after the retreat



Please note that the prices are in USD and may shift slightly due to fluctuating exchange rates.

All the rooms of the villa are simple yet beautiful. There are shared bathrooms; some of the bathrooms are located indoors and some of them outdoors. There is one shower in the Summer house, other than that all the washing happens in the sauna area using a bucket shower. Which means you blend hot and cold water in a bucket and pour it over yourself to rinse off. This is the authentic and traditional way of Finnish Summer house bathing still used nowadays. In addition to Sauna and dipping in the water. It is the most amazing experience!

Double room
Double occupancy in a room with 2 twin size beds or beds can be put together for a couple. 4 available.

$1820 EB/ $2020 regular

Single room
Single occupancy room with a twin size bed. 5 available.

$2060 EB/ $2260 regular

A non-refundable deposit of $500 and travel insurance are required. To guarantee early bird pricing, pay deposit by March 31st! Prices vary upon accommodation, inquire for more details and info at yogaretreats.info@gmail.com.

What’s included:

  • Morning and afternoon yoga each day (bring your own yoga mat)
  • Room accommodation (double or single)
  • 3 Finnish Vegetarian and pescaterian Farm-to-Table meals daily at the retreat centre (if you take the day trip you will pay for any meals outside the retreat center)
  • Midsummer festivities
  • Sauna every evening (men and women go separately)
  • Group transfer to and from Hanko train station to the retreat center at a specific time. If you arrive or leave at a different time, extra cost will occur.

What’s not included:

  • Airfare and travel to our meeting place in Hanko train station.
  • Travel insurance
  • Airport transfers
  • Add on optional excursions other than those speciffied as included
  • Optional Raindrop and Reiki treatments
  • Meals outside the Retreat Center

I want to sign up and get the Early Bird pricing, what do I do?

Email at yogaretreats.info@gmail.com, and pay the $500 non-refundable deposit by March 31st to secure EB pricing.

When is the rest due by?

By May 1st 2018.

Where do I fly to?

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

*Visit Helsinki

Because many of you have asked we are adding an optional extension in HELSINKI for after the retreat; we will give you recommendations where to stay and where to go. Take this opportunity to visit and experience both, peace and quiet in the archipelago and the inspiring and gorgeous Helsinki. Here is a link to give you an idea of things to do in whilst in the capital.

Aino Siren and Mikaela Soldan are two Finnish ladies who are both ISHTA 500 hour trained teachers and have devoted their lives to teaching yoga, leading teacher trainings and retreats. They brought the ISHTA Teacher Training to Finland for the first time this past summer and in addition they opened a ISHTA Pop Up Studio there as well. Due to the success of the last summers Training and Studio’s popular classes being in demand, they are going back this year. This summers 200 hour Teacher Training and ISHTA Pop Up Studio opening in Finland, will follow directly after this Retreat.

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Date: June 13 - June 20
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