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Sound and Samadhi

Clear your mind. Embrace Stillness. Tune into your true self. Weekly Meditations + Yoga Asana + Live Music – Delivered straight to your computer or mobile device – Sound and Samadhi is a highly effective practice that combines ancient yoga techniques with modern music to facilitate deep meditation and induce a state of stillness called “Samadhi,” the ultimate goal of yoga. Alan Finger’s 60-80 minute meditation classes prepare your body with pre-meditative asana (poses), pranayama (breathing techniques), and visualizations to help focus the mind and draw the senses inward culminating in 18-minutes of Samadhi. The meditation classes conclude with a series of mantras (chants) to seal the practice and bring the experience of oneness into each moment of your living. Sarah Platt-Finger’s 90 minute ‘Sweat and Samadhi Soundbath’ yoga classes...