Cheerleading for Meditation by Peter Ferko

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Cheerleading for Meditation by Peter Ferko

Yogiraj Peter Ferko will co-lead the upcoming ISHTA Meditation Training with Alan and Sarah Finger. (Dec. 15 – 17)

I was speaking to a student in a private yesterday, and she told me that her whole view on life was so different since she’d been practicing meditation and mantra and processing things with me over the past year. She said, everything is so open and of the moment, but there is no way to say it — it sounds hokey when I try. 

And yet, we need to do what Alan Finger calls “cheerleading” sometimes, to encourage people to try the simple, yet profound, techniques of meditation. And that requires words, whether they sound hokey or not. So here are some words about why studying meditation is good for you. 

  • Meditation has health benefits. Science researchers are all over this these days. Studies are showing effects on everything from sleep to chronic illness.
  • Meditation has emotional benefits. Putting spaces between the constant activity of your mind and your awareness helps you have a longer fuse when confronting challenges and helps you see what triggers your emotional responses.
  • Meditation has relationship benefits. Your internal clarity helps you see what is going on between you and others.
  • Meditation gives you a way to change the world. We are all connected, and when you become more enlightened, you light up the world. When you act from a place of compassion, grace, and understanding, you change the people you come into contact with. When you teach meditation, you bring a gift to your friends, colleagues, and community.

I’m joining Alan and Sarah Finger in a Meditation Training in December. Come for your health, your emotions, your relationships, or the planet. It will make your life different — even if it sounds hokey to say so.