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Claire Kinsella Holtje writes about Financial Yoga

The Autumn leaves are one of the most gorgeous gifts of nature!

For those of us on the east coast we are experiencing a late fall, the leaves are taking their time.
But sure as night follows day, nature is plugged into a Higher Intelligence, a Flow that supports this natural order a progressing that leads to evolution and change.

So as in nature, flow and healing happens when we realize and practice the soulfull art of surrendering to this circulating energy.As we practice directing the flow of energy within us through choice, breathwork, meditation and clear/purposeful intention, we cultivate our capacity for clearing pathways within us. This flow supports us in making deliberate decisions in our day to day lives.

Conscious choices correlate to clear rewards. Clearly circulating energy cultivates a state of being that allows us to translate and interpret the infinite living library of energy and information contained within us in new ways. It supports us in remembering and accessing our divine cosmic heritage. As we step into the flow, we are given the symbolic keys to access the codes to our multi dimensional selves. As we witness in all of nature, there is this inner library of intelligence that is also in us. It carries and contains vast amounts of information, light, knowledge and memory that leads to change.

As we move deeper into this Autumn season, to help you with this expansion and change, I am offering my workshop Financial Yoga- Deeper Your Relationship with your Money and Your Spirit. Finally, take control of your financial life, replace stress with comfort, and experience money in a brand new way.

Financial Yoga: Deepen Your Relationship with Your Money and Your Spirit
Sunday, November 12th

Location- Ishta Yoga, 56 East 11th Street, NYC
Price $30
Sign up by calling (212) 598-4800
or online.

In this workshop you will learn a breakthrough approach that is transforming lives- how each part of your financial picture is associated with a different chakra; that money is energy and more than a “currency “; it is a current that flows through our lives.

Using the ancient wisdom of the yogis I will show you how to recognize ways unconscious money scripts may be holding you back; how to deal with the relationship between your net worth and your self-worth; how to discover your authentic goals and values and how to permanently change self-limiting money behaviors.

The essence of innerstanding our true essence requires a clear open flow and circulation of energy within us. We are alive to redefine, redesign, and go beyond previous limitations and boundaries and allow for a natural consistent circulation of our divine source energy.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions and please share this with anyone you feel will benefit from looking at their finances from a new perspective.

Join me and let’s get empowered- from the inside- out!

Peace & blessings,