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Radical Being with Alan and Sarah Finger + Deepak Chopra through Udemy

ISHTA’s introductory course 'Radical Being', is designed to deepen your understanding of the science of yoga and teach you foundational pranayama and meditation techniques to enhance your everyday living. Whether you plan to make a career out of teaching yoga or are simply looking to deepen your own practice, this program teaches you how to bring yoga into daily life.

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Chakras 101 with Alan and Sarah Finger through Yoga Journal

What, exactly, are chakras, and how can you access and align these whirling forces of internal energy to live and practice more effortlessly and gracefully? Join me and Alan for this 4-week online course that guides you through simple tools and techniques—including asana, meditation, pranayama, mantra (sound), mudra (gesture), and visualization—that help you harness the power of your chakras anytime and anywhere.

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Master Class with Alan Finger and 8 other Master Teachers through Yoga Journal

Modern living—and the screens, to do lists, and roaring pace that come along with it—has scattered our minds. That’s why meditation is important now more than ever. When you meditate, you create space for your consciousness to return to its natural state. If you are ready to find clarity and peace through a regular meditation practice but don’t know where to begin, join Alan Finger for an intensive workshop on the fundamentals of ISHTA meditation.

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Finding Connection Through Yoga with Sarah Finger and Deepak Chopra through Yoga Journal

In this exclusive new online course, legendary integrative-medicine and meditation expert Deepak Chopra, MD, shares a seven-week plan that will change your perspective on the world—and, in the process, deliver greater harmony and abundance. Borrowing tools, science, and wisdom from his new highly acclaimed book You Are the Universe and his best-seller The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, Chopra, with his yoga teacher, Sarah Platt-Finger, will deliver the philosophy and meditation and asana practices to help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself and a transformative relationship with the universe.

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