Life Cycles with Alan Finger

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Life Cycles with Alan Finger

Everything in life happens in cycles: nature, seasons, relationships, emotions, and even sensations. There is always a beginning, a middle, and an end. In yoga, these cycles are represented through the granthis, which are the Energetic knots or spirals of energy, that keep us bound to this plane of existence. We can experience these cycles of energy through the vibration of the sound “AUM.” 

The first sound of “AUM” is the “Ah” sound, which represents creation. This is usually the first sound that a baby utters and the first letter of the alphabet. When we chant the sound “AUM” we can feel the “Ah” sound resonate at the base of the spine. It represents our unconscious and the energy of Brahma, the creator.

The second sound of “AUM” is the “U” or Ooh” sound which represents our subconscious. It is symbolized through Rudra, the deity of sustenance. This we can feel at the heart center, which relates to our relationships and everyday connections in life. 

The third sound of “AUM” is the “Mmmm” sound which represents shiva consciousness, or destruction and letting go. “Mmmm” is felt at the crown of the head where we experience transcendence into the realm of super conscious – the silence after the “AUM.”

Chanting “AUM” with these cycles of creation, sustenance, and destruction and ultimate transcendence can help us move through the cycles of our own lives with grace and harmony.