Spotlight on an ISHTA Teacher: Jenny Bloom

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Spotlight on an ISHTA Teacher: Jenny Bloom

Where did you grow up? I’m a native New Yorker.

When did you take the Teacher Training and what inspires you about the ISHTA way of teaching ? I decided to take my 200 & 300 hour Teacher Training back-to-back Fall 2013 and Fall 2014 at ISHTA Yoga. I started Teacher Training during a transformative time of my life. I started a career that was no longer speaking to me, and I didn’t know what was next. I was terrified. All I knew was that coming to class every day at ISHTA was helping me to feel ok with not knowing. The hugeness of my uncertainty was really overwhelming, and I found that cultivating my practice. Being in Shiva helped me move through a complex and challenging moment.

What most inspires me about the ISHTA way of teaching is two things: (1) I am inspired by our capacity to open up internal space, both in our fascia and in our minds. I am inspired by watching ISHTA students let their true selves unfurl, and shine. I love how it is important for us to feel good in our bodies, and to listen to our bodies.(2) I love the creativity. We can all design our own practices, for what we need most to cultivate that day. Some days it’s strength and some days it’s softness. I love offering the invitation to my students to show up, exactly as they are in the now. When we allow what is happening to simply “be,” we can use the tools we have from yoga to balance back towards our true temperament.

What is your favorite pose? My favorite poses vary. Currently, it is a tie between Viparita Korani (Legs up the Wall) and Side Plank, Rockstar Variation.

How would describe your teaching? My teachings are an invitation to dive deep into our inner stillness. We find movement & strength in unknown places. During class, we get to check-in to those below the surface places – body, mind, emotions and spirit. From a deep place within, we can learn how to turn on our light – from the inside out – to light our own way. With that light, we can light up the lives of all those we touch.

What do you enjoy doing outside of teaching? I love travel! In the last year I went to India, Thailand, Bali, Sweden California, Yosemite, and Burning Man. I love finding divine restaurants off the beaten path. And cooking great food. I also have a passion for energy medicine and vibrational healing. I have been studying the Native American healing tradition of the Kree and Polarity Therapy for the past 4 years. I run my own private practice.

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