Gina Menza

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Gina Menza

Specialty Trainer · Senior Teacher

After over twenty-five years practicing and teaching yoga, Gina has learned the importance of balancing the active side of one’s yoga practice and the quiet solitude of a restorative yoga sequence. She has learned to balance the frenetic and exquisitely fun energy of raising three kids in New York City with the refueling and relaxing rest necessary to survive. In addition to ISHTA, Gina has taught in innumerable places; from classrooms in Los Angeles California, sidewalks in Times Square New York City, studios in Stockholm Sweden, Skype screens in Helsinki, London studios to beachside in Goa, southern India. Gina has also designed the prenatal material used in both the 200 and 300-hour ISHTA trainings as well as co- creating her own school, Anandamama Prenatal Yoga which holds annual, 85-hour, Yoga Alliance trainings in NYC.

“Finding pranayama, meditation and final relaxation most profound in my yoga practice, I never skimp on the subtleties. The exploration of yoga’s precise sciences is fascinating and profound. Yoga will take you places you never knew you could reach, right within the confines of your own body!”

Sadaka & Specialty Trainer
Specialty: Prenatal