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Mona Anand

Yogiraj · Senior Trainer · Specialty Trainer

Mona Anand is a Yogiraj in the ISHTA lineage and the co-owner of ISHTA Yoga. She is a Senior trainer in ISHTA’s 500 hour trainings and is the co-Founder of Mona Anand’s ISHTA Yoga Nidra, a 9-step system of Yoga Nidra that she developed with Kavi Yogiraj Alan Finger and has proceeded to develop into her own Yoga Nidra trainings. Mona has been a key contributor in the development of ISHTA content including the Ayurveda and Asana, Koshas, Chakras and Restorative Yoga material. Her classes, workshops, and trainings have been transformational to both new and seasoned students alike on an international level. She has created numerous Yoga Nidra recordings available at ISHTA Yoga, ITunes, Inisght Timer, Yogobe and studios around the world. Mona’s classes offer a blend of wisdom, joy, humor, physical precision, and profound relaxation.

Mona was first introduced to yoga nidra as a teenager growing up in Mumbai, India. She was profoundly affected by the power of this technique and proceeded to use it throughout her life. She has developed two yoga nidra trainings, “Mona Anand’s ISHTA Yoga Nidra” and “Yoga Nidra and the Chakras” and is currently writing a book on Yoga Nidra with Yogiraj Alan Finger. Her yoga nidra recordings are designed to help people deeply relax, fall asleep, lift their spirits, ground and center and balance chakra imbalances.

Mona is equally passionate about restorative yoga which has been instrumental in helping her manage her asthma symptoms. She has co developed a restorative yoga training, Anand Menza Restorative, a uniquely ISHTA approach emphasizing the subtle body that incorporates visualization, pranayama, kriya and Ayurveda into the practice.

Over a decade ago, Mona began combining her love of restorative yoga and yoga nidra to create her signature Restorative / Yoga Nidra Workshops, a style now being emulated by teachers around the world. She has developed a seven part Restorative /Yoga Nidra Chakra Series and a three part Ayurveda Series.

Mona currently teaches group classes at ISHTA Yoga and leads yoga retreats to India and around the world. She has a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University and lives with her husband and two daughters in New York City.

Yogiraj & Primary Trainer
Specialties: Restorative,Yoga Nidra, Ayurveda & Asana