Raquel Rosario

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Raquel Rosario

I initially found yoga in 2002 by needing to begin an exercise routine to offset chronic lower-back pain arising from scoliosis. I left my first class feeling a combination of being light-hearted and grounded, something I had only felt before from nights out dancing, and what I would later learn meant that I was balanced energetically.

My original practice was Bikram Yoga. I was fortunate that my first teacher led the set series of 26 postures at 105 degrees with a nurturing and inspiring spirit. Six years later, after using yoga to navigate life through personal illness and my mother’s illness, I decided to devote myself to yoga and deepened my study through teacher-trainings at ISHTA Yoga. At ISHTA I began to learn the fullness of a yoga practice. Not only was my body being nurtured by the physical poses of hatha yoga, my mind and energetic body were stimulated by the interplay of tantric philosophy and ayurveda, the life science that supports self-healing.

As a sadhaka of the ISHTA lineage, I teach my classes in the spirit of ISHTA so that students are able to discover and move in a way that resonates, even in a group setting. I typically begin my classes by asking students to request/suggest physical and energetic aspects that they would like to address in class. I then use intuition to create a class that is dynamic and balanced, incorporating asana, pranayama, kriya techniques and meditation. It is my hope that students become empowered to shape their practice so that it best fits their needs.