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Sold Out: Purify, Clarify, Amplify: A Detoxifying Workshop to Transition from Winter to Spring with Sarah Finger accompanied by Aya + Tyler

In this class, Sarah Platt-Finger will lead you through a sequence of sat kriyas (purification techniques), bandhas (locks of energy) and asana (physical postures) to help detoxify the physical and subtle body, while the soul-enhancing sounds of Aya and Tyler facilitate this shift on all levels. ...

Come As You Are: A Workshop to Empower You to Connect to Your Authentic Self – Sarah Finger with Aya + Tyler

As we grow and develop, we lose our sense of connection to our most authentic self and believe that we have to become someone or something different than who we are internally. In this workshop, Sarah will create a safe space for you to start to look at that narrative of “not good enough” and apply a new paradigm using Tantric tools and techniques....