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Spotlight on an ISHTA Teacher: Donna Fillios

When did you take your first yoga class? I believe I first took yoga in the late 1990's. It was at Be Yoga! It was a winding path that brought me back to Alan's teachings and Ishta. I never dreamed back then that I would be led to teaching! What drew you to take the Ishta training? I had decided that I needed to take a break from my corporate job. What felt right for me at the time was allowing myself to explore my practice more deeply, and really give myself over to learning. I had been taking yoga at studios near where I was working, but it was very important to me to find a training that felt right for me. I wanted so much more...

Restorative and the Harp… An Evening of the Heart

In this workshop with Donna and Hattie, you will be receiving the nourishment of an extended restorative practice, with soothing hands on and essential oils, while being lulled by the dulcet tones of the harp and voice. Throughout time, the power of sound and song has reached deep into the soul. During this special evening, as you relax into receptivity, you will be invited to allow the resonance of the music and lyrics to pour over you, taking you on a reflective and love-filled journey of the heart...