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Workshop for your Heart: I am Love With Aino Siren

This time of the year as it is the time of Valentine’s Day, our mind easily circles around love and perhaps the lack of someone special in our life. We might find ourselves struggling with difficult emotions and unrealistic expectations from others. The truth is we are all in a relationship with ourselves first and foremost and during this workshop we will reaffirm this deep connection between you and your soul. We will satisfy our own need for love by anchoring into a Heart Chakra balancing practice; including mantra, yantra, kriya, asana and pranayama....

Teaching with Essential Oils

Teaching with Essential Oils with Elena Brower Join Elena Brower in an exploration and meditation with Essential Oils for teachers. Potent plant compounds with much to teach us, Essential Oils enhance and enliven our teaching by engaging our sense of smell to enhance our listening and learning. Experience the Oils in practice, and gain an understanding as to how to bring the science and the wisdom of the Oils to your own classes and clients simply and efficiently. Elena is thrilled and honoured to be back at ISHTA! Bio: Elena Brower is a renowned author, teacher and speaker, offering yoga and meditation since 1998. Influenced by several yoga traditions including Katonah Yoga, Para Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga, she is recognized internationally for her expertise in combining alignment and attention...