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Expanding what is possible in the private practice by Cassandra Ferland

Cassandra will be hosting her 20-hour training, The Art and Science of Working with Private Clients at ISHTA April 15 - 17. Below Cassandra discusses her journey to building a thriving roster of privates as well as the nuances of teaching private yoga that there might not be time to cover in 500 hour teacher training. [mkdf_separator class_name="" type="full-width" position="center" color="" border_style="" width="" thickness="" top_margin="" bottom_margin=""] When people think of yoga what often comes to mind is breathing and stretching in a large group class. This makes sense because the majority of people now practice yoga in this way. It is, therefore, surprising for most that yoga was traditionally taught one on one, teacher to student, with each session created specifically for that student. Since the evolution of every...

The Art and Science of Working with Private Clients with Cassandra Ferland

Private sessions are the ultimate way to tailor yoga to the individual. They can be rewarding on many levels for both teacher and student, and are a great way to sustain a living as a yoga teacher. But there are many factors to juggle with private clients: how to attract your first few clients, the business element of your privates practice, or keeping your students consistent. And while many teachers starting out assume a private session is simply a class for one, when approached in this way, you are missing out on the opportunity to inspire meaningful change by creating sessions that meet the deepest needs of your students on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level....