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A Fundraiser for Ukraine, A Class with Mona Directing Light to Ukraine, and Cakes by Elena

This Friday, 10 - 12:30 PM. All Proceeds from Mona's 10 am class go towards Ukraine. afterwards, stay for tea and purchase cakes for Ukraine by Elena! Mona's Class Sign Up Join us at ISHTA on Friday for as benefit class with Mona Anand at 10 am directing light towards those in Ukraine, and purchase cakes made by ISHTA Teacher Elena Skodorovko (Elena will be teaching ISHTA Hour of Power starting May 26, 4:45 - 5:45 pm est in=studio), who will also be taking orders! Since the onset of the war, Elena has been baking and selling her delicious cakes to support and raise awareness those who have fallen victim to the war in Ukraine - including her own family. All proceeds are helping the following causes...

New Year’s Day Sweat and Samadhi Master Class with Sarah Finger

Welcome your New Year with consciousness and unbound potential with Sarah Platt-Finger. In this invigorating session we will purify the body with detoxifying poses and techniques to help let go of 2020, while integrating a powerful kriya to welcome the pure potential of the year to come. We’ll finish off with a replenishing restorative practice followed by a profound intention-setting meditation. The class will set the tone for balance, resilience, and infinite possibilities for each moment of the New Year....