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Restorative/Yoga Nidra Workshop with Mona Anand

This workshop is designed to help release excess vata from your body and mind. The practice, including the asanas, pranayamas, restorative poses and yoga nidra are selected to quiet and calm the nervous system and bring stillness and clarity into your fall. The practice will begin with gentle asana to release tension from the hips, lower back and joints where vata tends to accumulate. The focus in the asana will also be to slow down and remove any holding patterns in the breath. The restorative pose selected will help slow down the mind and let go of any anxiety and fear held in the body. The practice will end with a thirty minute long yoga nidra designed to release excess vata. Through out the practice,...

Yoga Nidra and the Chakras Part 1: The Lower Chakras

Mona Anand's ISHTA Yoga Nidra & the Chakras Teacher Training Modeled on Mona Anand’s signature Restorative / Yoga Nidra Chakra Balancing Series, this training will teach students how to recognize chakra imbalances and develop yoga nidra practices to find balance. Register Here! The training will delve deeply into the issues associated with each chakra and how to use all of the tools of yoga including asana, restorative poses, pranayama, mantra, visualization and yoga nidra to find balance. Each day will focus on a specific chakra and will include: A practice taught by Mona with asana, restor- ative postures and all nine steps of yoga nidra designed for a specific chakra Opportunity to design and practice teaching yoga nidra and receive feedback on sequences Develop short, mid length and long...