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The Divine Feminine Retreat at Emerson Resort and Spa with Sarah Finger and Kristin Leal

Explore the Divine Feminine in all her forms with Master Teachers Sarah Finger and Kristin Leal on this luxurious and transformational long-weekend retreat. Come reclaim your inner state of grace and abundance in the heart of the majestic Catskill mountains. In this intimate, women-only setting, Sarah and Kristin will lead you through the practice of yoga, asana, pranayama, meditation, and chanting (Kirtan) to help you connect to the spark of the sacred feminine energy that lies within all of us....

Sound & Samadhi: Gratitude & Abundance with Sarah, Aya + Tyler

Designed by Yogiraj Sarah Platt-Finger, and accompanied by the soul-enhancing music of Aya + Tyler, this luxurious practice begins with an intelligent asana flow to help burn out the impurities trapped in the physical body. A series of relaxing restorative postures follow in order to calm the nervous system, sealed by a transformative meditation to merge back to universal consciousness Experience outer and inner resonance as a means to lead you back to your source of pure potential - Samadhi - which is the true state of yoga....