Anand Menza Restorative Course with Mona Anand and Gina Menza

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22 Feb

Anand Menza Restorative Course with Mona Anand and Gina Menza

February 22 - February 27


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This course can be taken in-studio or online. Participants can take individual days* (Thurs / Monday), Wednesday’s lecture*, or the full course! 

Delve deeper into the practice of Restorative Yoga in this unique course offered both in-studio and online designed for those interested in learning restorative yoga to develop their own home practice or to instruct others. Completion of this course will count as 25 Yoga Alliance CE /hours.

  • Feb 22, Wed – The What is and How to’s of Restorative Yoga*
  • Feb 23, Thurs – Basic Series Day*
  • Feb 24, Fri – Full Course Day
  • Feb 25, Sat – Full Course Day
  • Feb 27, Mon – Pillow Restorative Immersion*

Wednesday, Feb 22: The What Is and How To’s of Restorative Yoga. A great umbrella lecture for this training. Can be taken on it’s own or as part of the full training. Also included in Pillow Restorative Immersion. 4 – 6 pm.


This intro of Restorative Yoga will cover the fundamentals of this unique practice. Discussions will include “What is Restorative Yoga and the science behind it”, followed by “How to teach Restorative Yoga”. This two-hour overview will introduce the different variations of poses used in this course, including how to fold the perfect blanket. This lecture is highly recommended for those taking the Basic Series Day. Online Only. Lecture only, $50 (included in cost if purchasing entire day or Pillow Immersion).

Thursday, Feb 23: Anand Menza Basic Series. Can be taken on it’s own or as part of the full training. 2 – 9 pm eastern.

Learn Mona and Gina’s basic restorative series. The day includes in-depth, exploratory posture labs for Supta Badhakonasana/Cobbler, Ardha Matsyendrasana/Twist, Viparati Karani/Legs up the Wall, Balasana/Childs Pose, and Savasana/Corpse. You will learn hands-on adjustments for each of the poses, physical + subtle body benefits, contraindications and how-to’s on the their minimal, classic, and “the works” version of each pose. This will be followed by a practice at the end of the day integrating all the poses in the series. Online or In-studio. Full day. Online price $125 Early Bird (Expires Friday 2/16) $150 Regular Price, In-studio price $160 Early Bird, $185 Regular.

Friday, Feb 24. Part of Full Course Only. 9 – 12 pm, 1:45 – 4:45 pm eastern.

For those taking the complete 25-hour training, this day will include posture labs for Setu Bandha Sarvangasana/ Bridge Variation and Side-Lying Savasana/Corpse Variation. Also included are two specialty lectures. Injury Management with Gina will cover how to adapt restorative yoga to support an issue in the practitioner’s body. Trainees can volunteer to get a 1:1 interpretation and observation will be with the group.

Mona’s lecture on Yoga Nidra will give you a basic understanding of this powerful practice, including the science and benefits behind this guided meditation technique. Participants will learn how to lead a basic Yoga Nidra practice and how to integrate it into restorative yoga. This day will also include a restorative class. Online or In-studio.



Saturday, Feb 25. Part of Full Course Only, or drop in for course alumni, 1 – 4 pm, 5 – 7 pm eastern.

Essential Oils and Creative Restorative Sequencing 1:00 – 4:00. For those taking the complete 25- hour training or alumni, this day will include a lecture with Gina on Essential Oils, and how to integrate them into restorative poses and sequencing. A small variety of oils will be available of purchase at cost, only if interested.

Mona will lecture on the art of teaching restorative yoga. Knowing how to sequence poses with the most amount of support and the least amount of movement / prop adjustments between poses will be discussed and practiced. You will learn how to adapt the Anand Menza Basic Series for prenatal students, and for relieving asthma and back issues. Additional sequences will be shared as time permits. Topics will include sequencing for the season, sequences for different times of the day, and individual imbalances. Alumni invited to participate from 1-4, $75

Putting it All Together For Full Course participants only 5:00 – 7:00 pm. After spending the days learning and adapting restorative postures, you will have an opportunity to integrate all that you have learned by both teaching and receiving a private with another member of this course under the watchful and supportive eyes of Mona and Gina. Time will be given to create a sequence and privately lead another participant through the series specifically tailored for them and vice versa. You will have the chance to get direct feedback on your poses and sequencing directly from Gina and Mona. Full day available online or in=studio.

Monday, February 27. Online Pillow Restorative Immersion . Can be taken on it’s own or as part of the full training. 3 – 7 pm, eastern. Wednesday’s Intro to Restorative session is part of this full day training, and included in the day drop in rate. 

Release layers of inner tension as you discover the reasons why and methodology behind a Restorative Yoga practice. You will learn how to construct restorative poses using bed pillows as props. This one-day intensive will help you integrate restorative poses into your own home practice or classes, enable your ability to teach online, as well as in-home privates and group classes remotely. Full day, Online Only. $125 Early Bird (Expires Friday 2/16) $150 Regular Price



Upon completion of the full course, a certificate will be issued by Anand Menza Restorative Yoga for confirmation of hours with Yoga Alliance. Online or In-studio.

Full Training: In-studio: $475 EB / $575 Regular. Online Only: $375 EB / $475 Regular Rate. 

Special Rates for Acharya and ISHTA Members – Email