Becoming – with Aino Siren

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25 Mar

Becoming – with Aino Siren

March 25 - April 23

Aino Siren is bringing her Becoming program to ISHTA studio!

March 25-26, Sat & Sun, 1-9pm – both days

April 8-9, Sat & Sun, 1-9pm – both days

April 23, Sun, 6-9pm


Click here to see more details on the program, and access the application!

Free Info Session with Aino, Sunday March 19. Register via link above!

About the program:

This a powerful Spiritual Journey for those seeking to create lasting change in their lives. This is a month long group mentoring/ yoga/ embodiment -program.

During these weekends you will learn how to create a life that you actually desire to live. These concepts will help you understand how to cultivate the right attitude in life, and how to create intentionally what you desire. Expect to learn about the themes, and to experience yoga practices that help you embody the teachings. This is a transformative experience that will continue to serve your highest good for years to come.


What you will get:

  • A spiritual guide. Aino will be holding space for you to come back to yourself.
  • A strong sense of who you truly are! Remembrance.
  • The ability to see clearly past the old limiting ways of seeing.
  • Healthy boundaries & practical tools to protect yourself around harsh energies.
  • Freedom from your past, by understanding what true forgiveness is.
  • Abundance mentality.
  • Ability to manifest intentionally to co-create what you truly desire.
  • Letting the old you die. Process of rebirth.
  • Integration of all the teachings, to bring the wisdom of the teachings into your every day living.
  • A strong sense of belonging as we take this journey together. Life long connections are formed.
  • Yoga + meditation sessions that are designed to guide you to embody specific teachings of the program.
  • Exercises to support the process of Becoming.
  • And more!



There will be two weekends of in person sessions at ISHTA Yoga, and one Sunday session online on zoom to close the program. There are 8 themes that are explored & embodied during the program, and journaling homework will be assigned. You will receive a manual on the first day of the program.

March 25 & 26 (Sat + Sun) 1-9pm -both days

April 8 & 9 (Sat + Sun) 1-9pm -both days

April 23 (Sun) 6-9pm

Rates: $2150 Early Bird through Feb 26 / $2450 Regular. Upon acceptance to the program, a non-refundable deposit of $500 is due to secure your spot. Please note; the application process includes a questionnaire and a short call with each prospective participant.

Click here to see more details on the program, and access the application!