Summer lecture Series: Continuing Education at ISHTA Lecture 3 Meditation Techniques for Radiance and Vitality with Sarah Finger

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22 Jul

Summer lecture Series: Continuing Education at ISHTA Lecture 3 Meditation Techniques for Radiance and Vitality with Sarah Finger

July 22, 2021 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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Meditation helps us to see things as they really are, without the distortion of our mind and the mental chatter it creates.  Because our senses get distracted by the external world, we get trapped into identifying with those forms as our reality. The practice of mediation gives us the space to experience a part of ourself that is unlimited, unchanging, and filled with intelligence.

In this session, we will learn three foundational meditation techniques to steady the mind and absorb our awareness into the field of pure potential, a state of being known as samadhi. We will explore the science of the relaxation response, and how simple meditation techniques can guide us into this state of healing.

The ISHTA mediations we will explore are:

  • Apa Japa: A mindfulness based practice that quiets the mind and guides us into the space between our breaths and the space between our thoughts, which is pure consciousness.
  • Sat Yam Meditation: A heart-centered meditation that connects us to the spark of light (the jiva atman) at the center of the chest and enables us expand our awareness into a state of compassion, gratitude, and unconditional love.
  • ISHTA Diksha: A signature ISHTA meditation that blends mantra (sound) and breath as movement along the central channel of the spine, leading us to state of transcendence and liberation.

The course will give participants a sampling of each of these practices to integrate into our daily living – bringing joy, radiance, and equanimity into everything aspect of our lives.

Summer lecture Series: Continuing Education at ISHTA

For so many of us, our yoga practice has played a profound and crucial role in helping us get through this pandemic year. As we move into a new, post pandemic world, we are offering students a chance to gain a deeper understanding of yoga philosophy, and its tools and techniques – to help embrace the opportunities and challenges we all face, and to help us find meaning in this collective experience.

Each lecture session will be offered individually and as part of this series. In this course, you will explore the role of karma and how it effects our lives and the choices we make.

We’ll discuss how yoga and meditation can help us move through the force of karma with grace and ease. We will learn different meditations and pranayama techniques for different purposes, look into the health benefits of meditation, explore tantric philosophy, the yoga sutras, and ISHTA grounding mantras. In addition, you will develop a deeper understanding of ISHTA sequencing, and how to modify your practice based on your own imbalances or injuries. All of the lectures are taught by ISHTA Yogiraj’s and Senior ISHTA Trainers from around the world. This course is designed for students interested in a deeper study of yoga and expanding their tool box with practical techniques to meet life at this unique moment in time.

Full Series / Course Pricing (All 9 Lectures): $225 | Course Pricing (5 Lectures of your choice): $160 | Price for single lecture $40 EB / $45 Day of