ISHTA YIN YOGA IMMERSION (25 hrs) with Yoga Master Ulrica Norberg

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01 Mar

ISHTA YIN YOGA IMMERSION (25 hrs) with Yoga Master Ulrica Norberg

March 1, 2019 - March 3, 2019


with Yoga Master Ulrica Norberg

For dedicated students and teachers, covering the practice of YinYoga through a more individualized lens.

Are you interested in –

  • Neurofascial and Neuromuscular science?
  • In connective tissue?
  • In the connection between spirituality and science?
  • How to work with tension?
  • and intrigued by energy work?
  • The embodiment and healing yoga?
  • How to use yoga to increase life quality and the building of muscular strength?

Then this immersion is something to consider!

For three days you will immerse yourself in the study and practice of Yin Yoga; the practice of how to de- tensify in order to re-sensify. Why? So we can live stronger, more alive, better restored, not so edgy, more wholesome, clear, solid and powerful in our body, mind and spirit. Yin yoga is a meditative way of practicing yoga where we move through gentle poses, mostly reclined and seated, aiming to release tension stored in the muscles, around the joints, and in our nervous system.

This training is designed by ISHTA Yogiraj Ulrica Norberg, a renowned author of over a dozen books. She is also a yoga trainer from Sweden who has decades of experience from various yoga styles, meditation, and also personal growth from various fields and traditions. Ulrica brings much wealth of knowledge from her years living and working abroad, from her extensive academic training, as well as her creative work as a writer. She has studied with several yoga masters and highly respects and honors her teachers and the founders of the modern yin development – yet adds her experience from health training and pulling together the ISHTA principles with Alan Finger into the practice of yinyoga.

During the course of this training, you will learn more ways to individually adapt your yoga practice to cater more to your individual healing and growth. Feeding more of what one needs instead of the “wants”. Ulrica integrates modern research and fuses that with her deep studies of yoga and philosophy.

Welcome to a rejuvenating weekend of bliss, increased clarity and focus.

March 1 – 3
Friday, 9 – 5 pm, Saturday, 9 – 5 pm, Sunday 8 – 4 pm

$475 (Early Bird, by Feb 16) / $575

This 20-Hour Training is the first of 3 modules. 
Learn the foundations of ISHTA Yin Yoga, including The Art of the Yin practice, Energetic Alignment, Individuality, Subtle and Physical Anatomy, Pranayama and Kriyas. The focus is on how to start a personal Yin yoga practice.

Bio: Yogiraj Ulrica Norberg is an inquirer and thinker and has throughout her life been creative and contemplative, always with the intention of findings ways to evolve in body, mind and spirit. She found meditation and yoga in her early teens when she was living and studying in the US. Her journey started with Zenbuddist studies, followed by two decades of exploring and deeply studying various styles of classical and modern aspects on yoga and meditation in Asia, India and the US. With a mind intrigued how things function and affect energy, she has spent many years studying physiology, anatomy, philosophy, psychology and bioenergy work. Now settled in the ISHTA yoga lineage she is one of their yogamasters and leads trainers in their teacher training programs as well as a master teacher in various specialty trainings. She has brought Yin Yoga into ISHTA and has together with Alan Finger created the ISHTA Yin Yoga specialty program. This Sweden native, holds a Masters degree from Stockholm University in Journalism and film, is a trained journalist and dramatist and shares her teaching with work as a creative consultant, teaching creativity and innovation workshops. She has written more than a dozen books on health, yoga and meditation and is currently writing a book on the Breath as well as working on a documentary project. Ulrica has played an important role in yogas growth in Europe from the 90´s and on and she has trained over 600 yoga teachers around the world. Ulrica has a strong faiblesse for traveling and sincere fascination for culture and diversity which had her living abroad for many years before she settled back in Stockholm, which is her base and from where she travels to teach workshops, retreats and trainings all over the world. Her vast experience from life, knowledge, and from having gone against and along the grid, shines through in her accepting teaching style and many feels at home in her classes. She is known for her deep knowledge, self-distance, inspirational spotting, pedagogic teaching and warm approach.

When you start taking yourself too seriously, the yoga is gone. For me the yoga practice is all about investigation and exploration in order for your light and insight to appear.”

Instagram: @ulricanorberg

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Date: March 1, 2019 - March 3, 2019
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