France: Yoga and the Art of Living Creatively with Yogirajs Ulrica Norberg, Wendy Newton, and Peter Ferko

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14 Aug

France: Yoga and the Art of Living Creatively with Yogirajs Ulrica Norberg, Wendy Newton, and Peter Ferko

August 14, 2018 - August 19, 2018

ISHTA yoga masters Ulrica Norberg, Wendy Newton, and Peter Ferko each embody a unique passion for yoga as a path of creative expression. This summer’s journey to Normandy, France, harnesses the expertise of these experienced facilitators, and invites you to take the next step into the power of your creative potential.

Yoga teaches us that we create our life through our thoughts, our emotions, and our actions. Our practice helps us to recognize our patterns and to see that the challenges we experience in life are actually opportunities for creative growth rather than immovable obstacles. This summer’s journey is about co-creating a safe and sacred space where we can find inspiration and become conscious participants in our life’s journey.

Come with us this summer and experience:

— A slower pace and the time you need to properly explore your unique creative gifts

— Support from experienced mentors as you navigate the ups and downs of the growth process

— Daily asana, meditation, and satsang designed to foster different aspects of the creative process

— Plenty of unstructured time for journaling and other creative work

— Fire circle with facilitated sharing of creative findings

— Teachings on how to use the tools of yoga in alignment with your vision

The Day-to-Day

We will soak up the atmosphere and bounty of the region at The Mill Retreat Centre, nestled on 30 acres of pristine land in the heart of Normandy, France. After our morning practice, teachings, and lunch, participants will have time on their own. You can row a boat, stroll the path around the lake, take a tandem bike ride, explore the cultural riches of the area, or find a quiet place to make some art or read a book. In the evenings we reconvene for gentle asana and meditation practice, and then gather around the fire pit for satsang and creative sharing. Food atthe Mill Centre is local, delicious, and expertly prepared to accommodate a range of dietary requirements. Accommodations are simple yet luxurious, ranging from large airy bedrooms to two unique converted covered gypsy wagons.


Package includes room, meals, and yoga and creativity program.

Early Bird Special Price (until April 22nd): $1,600

Regular Pricing: $1,800

You can reserve your spot here by making your $300 deposit.

For more information or questions about payment, please contact Jenny Bloom


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Date: August 14, 2018 - August 19, 2018
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Venue The Mill Retreat Centre